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Static And
Mobile Patrols

Top tier static and mobile security services to keep your business safe and secure.

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Static Patrols

Our static security guards are far from stationary. They patrol your premises to unlock several benefits.

  • Prevent damage.
  • Identify defects.
  • Limit resources abuse.
  • Minimise accidents.
  • Stop various offences.
  • Log incidents correctly.
  • Call for back-up.
  • Save the environment.

Our fully trained, highly qualified static patrol officers work hard to protect your property, staff and visitors.

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Mobile Patrols

The mobile patrols undertaken by our experienced security personnel offer an effective deterrent and efficient security solution for premises of all sizes and niches. With assistance from our mobile security guards, you can counter the increases of burglary and criminal damage being faced by many UK businesses to successfully safeguard your property and its people.

  • A visible deterrent.
  • Responsive measures.
  • Flexible solutions.
  • Discourage intruders.
  • Reduce crime risk.
  • Identify threats.
  • SIA-licensed specialists.
  • Fully equipped.

All security guards are SIA licensed, polite and professional. We trust Logistics Security 100% when guarding high value goods.


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